German Statement during UN Security Council meeting on the Maintenance of Peace and Security in Ukraine, 14 May 2024.

UNSC - Debate on Maintenance of Peace and Security in Ukraine

UNSC - Debate on Maintenance of Peace and Security in Ukraine, © GermanyUN

14.05.2024 - Speech

Statement delivered by Ambassador Leendertse, Permanent Representative of Germany to the United Nations.

Mr. President,

I want to thank you for the chance to take the floor, and I would like to thank OCHA and Ms. Caitlin Howarth for their valuable insights.

Russia is relentlessly continuing its bombing campaign against Ukraine’s critical infrastructure. By doing so, it is systematically destroying the livelihoods of the civilian population, in blatant violation of International Humanitarian Law.

In line with its imperial ambitions, Russia is trying to subjugate Ukraine, a sovereign and peaceful country. This is unprecedented in the history of the United Nations and clearly incompatible with Russia’s responsibilities as a permanent member of this Council.

Russia is attacking the very foundation of the United Nations and of global peace and security. As a nuclear state, it is invading its neighbor that has renounced nuclear weapons and by employing arms imported from Iran and the DPRK, it defies Security Council resolutions. To shield its illegal activities, it is dismantling the international arms control architecture and undermining instruments of this Council, such as the Panel of Experts for the DPRK sanctions committee.

We, the international community, have to stand up for international law, for the U.N. Charter, and for humanity. We must protect Ukraine as well as this very organization from Russia’s aggression.

Germany supports Ukraine with political, humanitarian and military means. Air defense systems supplied by Germany are actively helping to protect Ukrainian cities.

We have also contributed in humanitarian relief efforts, as well as in reconstruction measures including in energy infrastructure. Over one million Ukrainians have found refuge in Germany, mostly women and children.

Germany also continues its engagement in the search for a peaceful resolution in line with the U.N. Charter. The upcoming Peace Summit in Switzerland offers a unique platform in that regard.

However, a just and lasting way out is only possible if Russia renounces its objective of conquest and annexation.

Let me therefore conclude by again calling on Russia to immediately and unconditionally cease all its military operations, and to withdraw all its troops from Ukraine.

I thank you.

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