Explanation of Vote by Germany on Resolution ES-10/L.30/Rev.1 “Admission of New Members to the United Nations, 10 May 2024.

General Assembly - 10th Emergency Special Session

General Assembly - 10th Emergency Special Session, © GermanyUN

10.05.2024 - Speech

The Statement was delivered by Ambassador Thomas Zahneisen, chargé d’affaires.

Germany firmly believes in two States, Israel and Palestine, for two peoples in the Middle East. We share the goal of a Palestinian State. We fully support Palestinians’ right to self-determination. Every child, every family deserves to live in peace, prosperity and in dignity. We want the Palestinian people to have their own State. Germany has worked towards that for years. We will relentlessly continue to do so.

Today, immediate action is required, supported by collective, international efforts: to stop the fighting, to release the hostages, to ensure and guarantee security for Israelis and Palestinians alike, to provide humanitarian assistance, to end the suffering and destruction.

Without such immediate steps, a Palestinian State will not become a reality. But we want a Palestinian State to exist in reality. Unfortunately, today’s vote in the General Assembly will not be able to create a viable Palestinian State, nor will it make peace.

If immediate full membership ended all the suffering we are witnessing, we would have wholeheartedly voted yes today.

Only direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians will lead to sustainable peace in the Middle East and a two State reality.

This is why we have abstained today.

At this moment in time, let us focus on what is necessary to open an effective road to peace and security for the region – for Israelis and Palestinians alike. Germany is working relentlessly towards this goal.

In close coordination with our partners in the region, we are focusing on creating the conditions necessary for a two State solution.

To be very clear, and on this many in this room seem to agree: full UN membership of a Palestinian State is not the beginning nor the end of a political process toward a two State solution, but an integral part of such a political process.

Israelis and Palestinians must start agreeing tangible steps to allow both peoples to live in dignity and security side by side, steps to end the occupation and to prevent violence and incitement.

Today, we stand against unilateral measures undermining the prospects for a two State solution, namely illegal settlement activities in the occupied territories and unprecedented levels of settler violence. We call upon the Government of Israel to do its part to keep the two State solution viable.

At the same time, Palestinians need to lay the ground for a viable and legitimate state structure. What is needed is an effective, unified Palestinian authority, determined to live in peace and security with Israel, as good neighbours. This will require continuous substantial efforts from all stakeholders. The international community stands ready to take responsibility to ensure that the Palestinian authority can effectively fulfil this task and guarantee security for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

What happened on the 7th of October 2023 must never happen again. Israel’s legitimate security concerns must be met and Palestinians as well as Israelis must be able to live in peace and security. Germany stands ready to support.

Mr. President,

In today’s important vote, delegations have taken different decisions. None of us is taking this lightly. We all seek to contribute to the same objective: Peace and security for every child in Palestine. Peace and security for every Israeli child. Peace and security in the whole region and a viable two State solution.

Let us therefore join forces to work towards peace. The horrible war in Gaza is a stark reminder that this is the only way forward. Ending the killing in Gaza is of the utmost importance. Hamas must end the terror. This would stop the war. All hostages must be released immediately and unconditionally. Israel must finally allow for humanitarian assistance to reach all innocent men, women and children in Gaza now. We also call upon Israel to refrain from further escalation in Rafah and to do everything in its power to protect the lives of civilians in Gaza. As every country has the right to self-defence, every country also has the obligation to protect civilians.

We cannot wait for the day when the Palestinian people finally have their own State. Not just a seat behind a nameplate here at the UN. This is what we are working for. And we believe we can only do it together.

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