Statement by Germany, UN General Assembly Plenary following the use of the veto by a Permanent Member (Russia) during the 9408th meeting of teh Un Security Council on “The situation in Mali”, 11 September 2023

11.09.2023 - Speech

The Statement was delivered by Samy Saadi, Political Adviser

Germany fully aligns itself with the statement delivered by the European Union. In addition, I would like to add the following remarks in my national capacity.

Mr. President,

we deeply regret the latest veto cast by Russia against the resolution proposed by the United Arab Emirates and France for a twelve-month renewal of the Mali sanctions regime established through Security Council resolution 2374 in 2017.

By yet again casting a veto and going against the will of the countries of the region and without approval of any other member of the Security Council, Russia has single-handedly forced the end of a crucial UN mechanism, which was established to support the maintenance of peace and security in Mali and the Sahel region.

The sanctions regime is not an end in itself but had a clear purpose: it was established by this Council to support the implementation of the 2015 Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation by allowing targeted designations of individuals violating or actively obstructing it. It was basically meant to support peace in Mali. In addition, its designation criteria included attacks against MINUSMA, the obstruction of humanitarian aid and human rights violations. In other words, it was meant to protect UN peacekeepers and the Malian population.

Mr. President,

In the context of an accelerated MINUSMA withdrawal, intensified tensions between the Malian government and signatory armed groups and a rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation, Russia’s decision to force the end of the sanctions regime and the mandate of the Panel of Experts is irresponsible. The Panel of Experts played a crucial role monitoring compliance with the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement by all sides, Russia’s insistence on abolishing it speaks volumes about its true intensions.

Despite continued efforts to find a consensus on the renewal of the sanctions regime in the lead-up to the vote, Russia has refused to seriously engage with other Council members, in particular from the region, and to work towards a solution. No other member of the Security Council supported Russia’s last minute draft, tabled without prior consultations, which is proof that it was merely an attempt at undermining efforts to reach consensus.

Mr. President,

By repeatedly threatening to veto any draft resolution other than its own and denying consultations to find a compromise subsequent to its veto, Russia recklessly put its national interest over the interest of the countries of the region.

The stability of Mali and the Sahel region are too important to allow one single Member State to jeopardize it. We therefore call for renewed efforts to ensure international support for the 2015 Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation in Mali.

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