Explanation of vote, delivered by Germany, in the UNGA Third Committe on the Resolution “Situation of Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran”, November 16, 2022.

16.11.2022 - Speech

Statement delivered by Ambassador Thomas Zahneisen

Germany aligns itself with the EU statement. We co-sponsored the present resolution and we thank Canada for facilitating this important text.

Germany continues to be deeply concerned about the human rights situation in Iran. The protests that followed the death of Mahsa (Jina) Amini in police custody are a direct consequence of the consistent and grave violations by the Iranian authorities of the fundamental human rights of Iranians, and of Iranian women and minorities in particular. Germany condemns the violent repression of peaceful protests in the strongest possible terms. We are disturbed by the scenes of violence, reports of arbitrary detention and disproportionate prison sentences, including against children and juveniles.

We commend the courage of those Iranian women and men who risk their lives demonstrating against oppressio. According to human rights NGOs, more than 340 persons have been killed, more than 15,000 have been arrested. A first confirmed death sentence has just been issued. This is a clear call for action for the international community. We must ensure that the human rights violations in Iran are documented and that those responsible are held to account.

To address this most serious situation, Germany has requested a special session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva– to be held next week on 24th November. In this special session, together with Iceland, we will table a resolution with a focus on the right to peaceful protest, the safeguarding of the rights of women and girls, and the establishment of an independent international fact-finding mission. We hope for the support of Human Rights Council members.

We urgently call on Iran to put an immediate end to the severe violence against and unjust and arbitrary detention of protesters, journalists and other media workers as well as human rights defenders, many of them women. We condemn the restriction of access to the internet, social media and mobile communications in Iran as a means of repression. Iran must live up to its obligations under the ICCPR and ensure Iranian citizens’ right to freedom of information and expression.

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