Statement of Germany in the UNSC session on the situation in Ukraine (Protection of Civilians), October 21st, 2022

21.10.2022 - Speech

Statement delivered by Ambassador Antje Leendertse

Mister President,

I thank Under-Secretary-General DiCarlo and Under-Secretary-General Griffiths for their briefings. Yet again, they have made clear the horrific consequences Russia’s ongoing aggression has for the people in Ukraine and around the world.

The world remains “united for peace”: 143 countries have once again condemned Russia’s actions, demanded Russia to respect the Charter and to end its war immediately and unconditionally.

Russia’s reaction to the world’s call for peace is shocking: Over these last days, it has escalated its attacks, deliberately and systematically targeting civilian infrastructure. Hundreds of missiles and drones including drones supplied by Iran have been hitting playgrounds, residential buildings, schools, hospitals, bridges and power stations.

Russia’s aim is clear: the Moscow regime wants to subjugate Ukraine. It wants to plunge Ukraine – quite literally – into darkness and make Ukrainians freeze, knocking out electricity and heating for millions of civilians. These attacks violate International Humanitarian Law and could amount to war crimes. Those responsible for these blatant violations of international law will be held accountable.

Let me join colleagues in pointing out that Russia is also violating Resolution 2231 – yet another example of how Russia as a permanent member of this Council fails the UN Charter. All information we have is quite clear. The Iranian drones are being used to terrorize civilians and have been delivered to Russia without prior approval by this Council and therefore in blatant violation of resolution 2231. We are very much concerned by reports that Iran also intends to deliver ballistic missiles to Russia. We would welcome an investigation by the UN team responsible for monitoring the implementation of 2231 and stand ready to support their technical and impartial efforts.

Mister President,

Germany will continue to stand by the UN Charter – wherever in the world it is breached – and we will continue to stand by Ukraine. We stand ready to support Ukraine in mitigating the devastation caused by Russia’s attacks. This coming Tuesday, Chancellor Scholz and President von der Leyen will host the “International Expert Conference on the Recovery, Reconstruction and Modernisation of Ukraine”, in Berlin. This conference will galvanize international support for Ukraine’s recovery and reconstruction.

To conclude, Mister President,

The Russian Federation must change its course, fully respect the letter and spirit of the UN Charter and withdraw from Ukraine. It must comply with the legally binding order of the International Court of Justice to immediately stop its military operations against Ukraine and withdraw. Germany will continue to uphold the territorial integrity and political independence of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders – and this is the duty of each and every one of us!

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