Statement of the Federal Republic of Germany at the Briefing of the UN Security Council on Ukraine on 29 July 2022

29.07.2022 - Speech

I would like to thank the Brazilian Presidency for organizing this meeting and for the opportunity to speak in the Council today. I am grateful for the briefing of USG Di Carlo. It was very insightful.

Further, I want to commend the Secretary General and the Republic of Türkiye for their good offices to ensure the safe and secure export of Ukrainian food through the Black Sea Initiative. Germany strongly supports all efforts towards providing unhindered access of Ukrainian and Russian grain, foodstuff and fertilisers to global markets. These products are vital to address a worsening global food crisis.

The agreement brokered last Friday in Istanbul by the UN and Türkiye offered a faint glimmer of hope for those suffering most from the devastating consequences of the war around the globe. But yet, missile strikes by Russia on the Ukrainian port of Odesa have imperilled the full and swift implementation of these agreements. Germany firmly condemns these attacks, which resulted in at least 19 civilian casualties, as we have publicly expressed in the strongest possible terms.

Despite these inhumane strikes, we are seeing hopeful signs that the first batch of grain exports might be able to leave Ukrainian ports soon. And while Russia does not miss out any given opportunity to distort the facts and blame Western sanctions, there can be no doubt: ever since Russia invaded Ukraine, food and energy prices have increased around the world, sowing chaos in supply chains, worsening global inflation, and inflicting economic and humanitarian suffering on millions of vulnerable people.

Whilst humanitarian needs are at an all-time high, Germany is continuously engaged with its humanitarian assistance especially through the World Food Programme. The Berlin conference “Uniting for Global Food Security” on June 24th highlighted the current challenges and the urgency to provide additional assistance as quickly as possible. At its Summit in Elmau on June 28th, the G7 stood firm against Russia’s weaponisation of grain and provided an additional 4.5 billion USD – thereof 476 million USD in new commitments from the German Government – to protect the world’s most vulnerable from hunger and malnutrition. My message to the countries and people affected by the repercussions of Russia’s war of aggression is – once and again: You can count on our full support and solidarity!

We once again call on Russia to stop its aggression immediately. Let us join hands against Russia’s unprovoked and illegal war of aggression – not only in defence of the UN Charter, but also in the interest of global food security and equitable energy prices. It is, in the end, about saving innocent lives – not only in Ukraine, but also in other parts of the world.

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