Statement delivered by Ambassador Thomas Zahneisen in the Peacebuilding Commission (climate and security) on May 31st, 2022

31.05.2022 - Speech

I thank the Chair for bringing this important issue to the forefront of the PBC. And like other delegations I would like to thank the speakers for their excellent, though sobering briefings.

As co-chair of the GoF on Climate and Security, we, of course, strongly welcome the opportunity that the GoF was able to address the PBC today.

We very much hope that this will not remain a single event. We would strongly encourage the Chair to strengthen this dialogue and enable the Group of Friends regular opportunities to address the PBC on the issue of climate change, peace and security.

In terms of analysis, I have very little to add to what HE Ambassador Deiye, the PR of Nauru, has so eloquently expressed in her Statement on behalf of the Group of Friends.

Already today, the impacts of climate change on all walks of life is strongly felt in the Pacific region and will lead to increased instability.

We also subscribe to the necessity of immediate action today: In the next decades, the impact could reach the point of existential threat to the Small Island States in the Pacific (PSIDS): The Pacific will be one of the most affected regions regarding impact on human livelihoods, human security and on regional and international security.

We also need consistent and determined action within the UN system in dealing with the impact of climate change on security generally and for the Pacific Islands specifically

Those programs are important but need to be scaled up significantly. Germany stands ready to strengthen those TF.

We also welcome that the UN System, as a whole, becomes increasingly climate sensitive.

The Climate Security Nexus is now firmly established in UNSC mandates, the Climate Security Mechanism does crucial work: It ensures that UNEP, UNDP, DPPA and now DPO focus expertise and integrate the nexus in their day to day work.

Climate and Security Advisors (first two of them financed by GER) in UN Missions and Offices (UNSOM and HoA) have shown the value of dedicated expertise informing analysis and action on the ground.

In our own programing, we also work to ensure that our stabilization and peacebuilding efforts are climate sensitive and our support for climate adaptation is conflict sensitive.

Having said that, we still believe, as the GoF, that this important issue needs to remain on the agenda.

For this reason, we would encourage the PBC to remain strongly engaged on this important issue, both thematically at a global level but also to focus regularly on particularly affected regions such as the “Small Island States in the Pacific.

And broaden the platform for climate Action. Not just here in New York in the PBC and the GoF, but also at the next Berlin Climate and Security Conference (BCSC) later this year, where we hope to see many of you.

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