Statement of Germany at the UN Security Council Arria-Formula Meeting on “Ensuring access to Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Conflict, Post-conflict and Humanitarian Settings”, March 25th, 2022

25.03.2022 - Speech

The statement was delivered by Ms. Karin Goebel (Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations)

I thank the Permanent Mission of Mexico for convening this meeting.

Germany fully aligns itself with the statement of the European Union.

I would like to highlight four points:

1. In conflict settings, the impact on the mental well-being of individuals, families and societies is massive. Russia‘s aggression in Ukraine serves as only the most recent example. As the humanitarian needs of Ukrainian citizens are increasing by the hour, mental health and psychosocial support services are becoming more and more pressing – for those fleeing their homes as well as for those seeking shelter to save their lives. We thankful UN Agencies including UNICEF, UNHCR and WHO, who provide MHPSS support for refugees at the Ukrainian borders.

2. It is alarming that the mental health needs of those affected by emergencies remain widely unmet and neglected, since resources for mental health and psychosocial support are often either scarce or nonexistent in conflict situations. The further integration of MHPSS services into humanitarian response plans has become an imperative. The needs of groups that are vulnerable in situations of conflict, including and in particular women and children, as well as refugees and internally displaced persons, need to be prioritized. We also cannot forget humanitarian workers and people on the front lines, who witness tragedies every day.

3. We must urgently address mental health in post-conflict settings. Access to MHPSS services is crucial to help people cope with the mental scars they endured and to rebuild healthy, prosperous communities.

4. Peacekeepers operate more and more under hardship conditions. Adequate support and care with regard to their mental health concerns is of utmost importance.

I would like to thank the Permanent Mission of Mexico for supporting the efforts to develop the first mental health strategy for uniformed peacekeepers led by the Division of Healthcare Management and Occupational Safety and Health at the Department of Operational Support (DOS). We are proud to co-finance this XB-funding project together with Israel.

Thank you.

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