German statement for the UN Security Council session, “Humanitarian Situation in Ukraine”, March 7th, 2022.

07.03.2022 - Speech

Germany's Statement as submitted in writing by Ambassador Antje Leendertse

Germany aligns itself with the Statement submitted by the European Union. In our national capacity, I would like to deliver the following additional remarks:

With every passing day, Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine is becoming more horrendous. I thank the briefers Catherine Russell (UNICEF) and Martin Griffiths (OCHA) for their chilling update on what that means in practice. Millions, hiding from Russia’s indiscriminate airstrikes and missile attacks in shelters, are running out of food, water and medicine. And millions are running for their lives; 1.7 million have left Ukraine already.

Germany, and the entire EU, are stepping up support to Ukraine. We have opened our doors to all refugees fleeing this war, Ukrainian or not. My minister Baerbock has made this clear before the General Assembly last week: “Every refugee must receive protection, no matter what their nationality, their origin or the color of their skin”. As of today, 50.000 have arrived in Germany.

We are scaling up our humanitarian assistance. In addition to the rapid assistance package of the EU, Germany gives ca. 75 million Euros to OCHA, to the ICRC, IOM, WFP and others. The sad truth is: This is only the beginning. We stand ready to do more. We urge all of you to do likewise. We are advocating for safe, rapid and unimpeded humanitarian access, the safety of humanitarian and medical personnel, and the protection of internally displaced persons throughout the country.

The spillover of this war is already felt across the world – after only 12 days of fighting: food and commodity prices are skyrocketing. Children in need from Yemen through Syria to Ethiopia are in danger to go hungry if Mr. Putin does not stop this war.

This war is rapidly turning into the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe and worldwide that we have seen in our lifetimes. It is a war of aggression and a war of choice, of Russia’s choice, of President Putin’s choice.

We welcome the ICC Prosecutor’s launch of an investigation and the Human Rights Council’s establishing a Commission of Inquiry. We follow the developments at the ICJ closely.

I call on President Putin to implement a humanitarian ceasefire and make the humanitarian corridors work; to withdraw immediately and unconditionally from Ukraine; to respect International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law – and to stop all attacks on civilians, critical infrastructure and, in particular, nuclear power plants.

I echo the demand we heard from 141 UN member states in the General Assembly last week: Mr. Putin – stop this war! Stop the aggression! Cease fire now!

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