German statement delivered by Ambassador Leendertse at the opening session of the IGN (Intergovernmental Negotiations) “Security Council Reform” on February 9, 2022

09.02.2022 - Speech

I would like to note that Germany fully aligns itself with the statement delivered by India on behalf of the Group of Four. Allow me add a few words in my national capacity.

Most delegations in this room would like to finally see some substantive progress within this forum. Those delegations might not necessarily agree on the final outcome. However, I am confident that they do agree that we need to engage in a continuous, focused, inclusive, and transparent negotiation process.

We therefore welcome your decision, Co-Chairs, to use the “Elements Paper” as a starting point for our joint endeavors in this IGN. I assure you of our strong dedication to the sometimes arduous, but certainly worthwhile, task of working on its substance.

Some delegations might point out that this is not an ideal document. This is exactly why it needs to be treated as a living document. Please make your positions on the various aspects known. Please propose concrete language to make the document more substantive and representative.

Distinguished Co-Chairs, My Indian colleague has already delivered specific comments on the overall structure and certain paragraphs of the Elements Paper.

As the Group of Four will present comments in writing, I will not repeat all those, but reiterate our request to include them in an updated version of the Elements Paper. Let me underline especially that we fully support the Common African Position as enshrined in the Ezulwini Consensus and in the Sirte Declaration.

I also strongly encourage other member states and groups to do the same – expressedly also in cases where they might disagree with us – or others – in substance. This, after all, is what standard negotiations are all about. And we do want the IGN to finally become a forum for those.

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