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Regional conflicts, fragile or collapsed states, armed conflicts, terrorism and organized crime – all have grave consequences for the people who suffer under them. They also threaten the security and stability of entire regions and peoples.

UN Vehicles carry soldiers on a peacekeeping mission
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 Armed conflicts, fragile or collapsed states, terrorism and organized crime affect millions of people around the world. They also pose a threat to international peace and security.


Germany participates actively in other UN efforts for peace and security. Currently, over 3,000 German soldiers are deployed as part of five UN Peacekeeping and a political mission as well as in support of the implementation of UN Security Council Resolutions. In addition, the German national police are active in three UN missions. Germany’s contribution to UN Peacekeeping makes up around 6 percent of the UN Peacekeeping budget – annually nearly 400 million US Dollars – making it the fourth largest contributor worldwide.


For the German Government, one thing is clear: today’s the complex challenges can only be solved by political processes and integrated solutions that combine all three pillars of the UN. Germany emphasizes the importance of crisis prevention and peacebuilding and is a strong advocate of the Sustaining Peace concept. Germany served as Vice-Chair of the UN Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) in 2018 and advocates for stronger ties between the Security Council and the PBC. Germany is a strong supporter of the Secretary General’s Peacebuilding Fund and has been the top donor to the PBF in 2020. Germany's top Peacebuilding priorities are sustainable transitions, cross-border and regional peacebuilding efforts and the inclusion of Women in peace processes, Finally, it is clear for Germany that peacebuilding efforts must always be nationally owned and embedded into local society.

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Germany promotes UN policing as a crucial part of peacekeeping & peacebuilding. Police forces play an essential role in building citizen’s confidence, increasing accountability & fostering peacebuilding in conflict situations.

UN Policing

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