International Police Cooperation


Germany promotes UN policing as a crucial part of peacekeeping & peacebuilding. Police forces play an essential role in building citizen’s confidence, increasing accountability & fostering peacebuilding in conflict situations.

In countries affected by war and crisis, citizens often perceive police forces as a potential threat in their daily life. Rebuilding an effective and respectful police force is therefore essential to gain back public trust in governmental organizations and foster durable peace. Aims include consolidating democratic principles, enabling professional training and fostering community-building. Respect for the rule of law, human and citizen rights are key values. This ensures the protection of civilians and can prevent future conflicts.

Germany strongly promotes the development of effective police forces around the world. Law enforcement officers from Germany are currently taking part in sixteen EU and UN Missions around the world, from Ukraine to Sudan and from Somalia to Mali. In addition, German police is involved in bilateral and multilateral training and advisor missions as well as border management projects.

Overall there are currently around 12,200 UN Police Officers from 90 countries deployed to 15 peace operations, special political missions or other presences. These officers are a crucial part in multilateral efforts to prevent, mitigate and resolve armed conflicts.  However, police engagement means more than simply deploying highly qualified police officers. It encompasses capacity building, training, mentoring and monitoring. Especially in peacebuilding missions, it is essential for police to establish trust and confidence within the local community, provide community-based policing and fight against impunity.

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