Preparations for COP25 in Madrid

14.11.2019 - Article

Climate change now poses a risk to peace and security. Climate policy is therefore no longer just about environmental policy. It must also play a role in foreign policy.

COP25 has to send a clear message that more ambition is needed in climate protection. At the UN Climate Action Summit on 23 September, 66 states – including Germany – committed to the target of climate neutrality by 2050. That means that they are aiming to reduce net emissions to zero by mid-century.

All States Parties are called upon to review and if possible raise their Paris climate goals next year. That also applies to the EU with its current target of a 40 percent reduction in greenhouse gases compared to 1990 levels. All states also have to present long-term climate strategies in line with the provisions set out in the Paris Agreement. The EU Heads of State and Government will therefore continue their consultations on the EU’s long-term strategy at the European Council on 12/13 December, at the same time as COP. Together with the majority of EU member states, Germany is calling for the goal of climate neutrality by 2050 to be anchored in the strategy.

COP25 briefing at the Federal Foreign Office

For the tenth time, the Federal Foreign Office, together with the Federal Environment Ministry and the German Climate Consortium, is inviting the German climate community to a briefing on the 25th Climate Change Conference and to discuss current issues relating to German, European and international climate policy. Alongside Federal Foreign Minister Maas and Federal Environmental Minister Schulze, those present will include Luisa Neubauer, Fridays for Future Deutschland, and Prof. Johann Rockström, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

As Chile has decided that it is unable to host the conference, COP25 will now take place in Madrid from 2 to 13 December. The Federal Foreign Office is providing 300,000 euros for this. Chile continues to hold the COP Presidency and will lead the negotiations. At COP24 in Katowice, Poland, the international community succeeded in agreeing on a comprehensive rulebook on implementing the Paris Agreement. On this basis, from 2024 onwards all states will report on their climate protection activities in line with uniform standards.

Detailed regulations on emissions trading were not adopted in Katowice. The negotiations on this will now be continued in Madrid. The aim is to make it possible to achieve emission reductions abroad under clearly defined conditions, for example through reforestation projects. However, it must be ensured that only one country can be credited with the emissions reduction and that the reduction is not credited twice over.

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