Press Release on the Presidential Statement of the Security Council on the Situation in Yemen

15.03.2018 - Press release

Germany welcomes the Presidential Statement of the Security Council on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Given the continuously deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen, immediate and full implementation is essential. Unrestricted, regular and safe access for humanitarian assistance as well as for commercial goods by air, sea and land must be ensured. We support the Security Council's call that all parties to the conflict must comply with international law and to ensure accountability. All parties must support a comprehensive, independent and impartial investigation into all alleged violations and abuses of human rights and all alleged violations of international humanitarian law with a view to ending impunity and ensuring full accountability, including through cooperation with the eminent international and regional expert group on Yemen mandated by the UN Human Rights Council. Germany is committed to continue to promote a sustainable political solution. We call for a swift and lasting ceasefire and the return of the conflict parties to the negotiating table under UN auspices. Germany fully supports the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen.

Germany is one of the largest donors of humanitarian assistance to Yemen, having provided 165 million EURs in 2017 and 33 million EUR in 2018 so far to ensure the continuation of live-saving humanitarian relief. Priority is given to the protection of vulnerable groups, refugees and displaced persons, and in particular to the provision of healthcare, food and nutrition as well as water, hygiene and sanitation. We welcome the commitments of other donors and encourage all donor countries to make much-needed contributions to alleviating the plight of the people of Yemen, in accordance with the United Nations humanitarian response plan.

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