Video message by Dr. Gerd Müller, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, in the High-Level Event “Nature Finance Forum”, September 28, 2020

28.09.2020 - Speech

Check Against Delivery

The Nature Finance Forum comes at just the right time.  We have to invest in our survival. The diversity of species, ecosystems and genes is the greatest asset of our planet.

The Nature Finance Forum is sending exactly the right messages. We need an ambitious agreement for nature. We can only protect biodiversity together – through efforts around the world. The investments we make today will determine the chances of survival.

COVID-19 is a wake-up call. For all of us, for the whole world. We realize that we will hardly be able to implement the Sustainable Development Goals and the decisions of the Paris Agreement without biodiversity. As long as we reduce the world's gene pool, we will increase poverty, hunger, and diseases.

Without a species-rich environment, there can be no sustainable development. The greatest biodiversity can be found in developing countries. People there depend on biodiversity for their livelihoods. The developing countries lack financial mechanisms

for biodiversity protection. That is why Germany is investing half a billion euros a year in protecting biodiversity in developing countries. We will increase our contribution. But that will not be enough.

A global financial framework requires a lot of money from many different sources. In addition to public funding, we need more private funding. New and innovative financing models are needed to combine public and private contributions.

One innovative instrument is the Legacy Landscapes Fund. We will launch this Fund together with other public and private donors, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, UNESCO and international nature conservation organizations. Through the Fund, we will provide long-term finance for the most important protected areas in developing countries and preserve biodiversity and natural habitats. I want to invite you to contribute to the Legacy Landscapes Fund.

You can all make a difference. 

I wish your Forum every success. Thank you so much.

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