Foreign Minister Maas on the end of Germany’s presidency of the UN Security Council, July 30, 2020

30.07.2020 - Speech

This last month showed once again how much we need a well-functioning Security Council, but also how far we are from such a Security Council at present. Due to these difficult times and in light of the constant blockades we faced, our presidency cost great effort, but it was not in vain.

We gave our presidency clear guiding principles: protect international law and human rights and support the weakest. To this end, the Council passed a resolution on COVID-19 which called for an international ceasefire. Overcoming hard resistance, we were able to ensure that humanitarian aid can continue to cross the border into Syria. This was anything but a given. On Libya, we brought the participants of the Berlin Conference to the negotiating table. It is clear that we can get closer to a peaceful solution in Libya only if we remain in dialogue despite all the difficulties. Furthermore, the Security Council reaffirmed its commitment to fighting sexual violence in conflict, taking another step on a long journey. We also placed climate change as a cause of political conflicts on the agenda.

For many things, we still do not have a solution, but at least we have a direction. We will not let up and will continue with our work to strengthen the UN and Security Council. Only a reliable rules-based international order can allow us all to progress together.

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