Statement by the co-penholders for the Syria humanitarian file – Germany and Belgium – in the Security Council VTC Meeting on the humanitarian situation in Syria, July 7, 2020

07.07.2020 - Speech

Check Against Delivery

This is not an explanation of vote, but I would just like to very briefly say a few words on behalf of the penholders Germany and Belgium about the process.

As you know, the co-penholders have strived for consensus on this purely humanitarian text. We have worked on the basis of the call of the Secretary General  for a renewal of twelve months, of Bab al Hawa and Bab al Salam, the two border crossings in the northwest of Syria. We have also strived to reopen Yarubiyah in times of COVID 19 and following the call of the SG for more cross line and more cross border access to the northeast of the country.

Now, we understood that the reopening of Yarubiyah was a red line for one member state, although this was broadly supported. In our search for consensus we had thus put forward a text with the two crossings in the north west for a duration of 12 months. we regret that this was not acceptable for all Security Council members.

But this is not yet over. We will, in the coming hours and days further engage in efforts with all parties, to come to consensus. This is an important responsibility of the Council. We hope we can find unity, in the interest of the Syrian people in need.

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