Statement by Ambassador Christoph Heusgen on the resolution in support of UNSG’s call for a global ceasefire in the face of COVID-19, July 1, 2020

01.07.2020 - Speech

We begin our Presidency this month with a signal for hope: the Security Council has today endorsed the Secretary General’s call for a global ceasefire in the face of COVID-19 with a resolution. This is a sign for hope for all people currently living in conflict zones around the world. It is now the obligation of the Council – and all parties to armed conflicts – to implement this resolution in our work this month and beyond.


As Germany said from day one: the UN Security Council must stand behind the Secretary General in his call. The negotiations were not easy, but this resolution shows that differences can indeed be overcome – especially in the face of this pandemic. The will to come to common solutions for global crises through teamwork and multilateralism must be the prevailing goal of this Council. Even in difficult times – especially in difficult times – the Security Council must act.

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