Statement by Ambassador Jürgen Schulz on the adoption of UNSC Resolution 2526 implementing the arms embargo against Libya, June 5, 2020

04.06.2020 - Speech

Check Against Delivery

Today the Security Council is renewing this call to action from Resolution 2292 dating back to 2016. To contribute to the enforcement of the arms embargo on Libya, the Security Council authorized Members States, acting nationally or through regional organizations to inspect vessels on the highs sea off the coast of Libya, which are believed to violate the arms embargo.

Four years later and against the backdrop of a steady escalation of fighting accompanied by attacks on civilians and civilian targets, this call to action sadly remains relevant and crucial.

The continuation of authorizations for ship inspections sends an important signal: the international community remains seized of the situation in Libya and is willing to act.

I therefore commend the efforts of the European Union, which has mobilized considerable resources under these authorizations and had deployed, Operation EUNAVFOR Med Sophia and recently its successor Mission EUNAVFOR Med Irini.

Operation Irini, with its naval and aerial surveillance capabilities has already been an effective deterrent, an important collaborator with the Panel of Experts on Libya and active participant in implementing the arms embargo, having conducted multiple ship hailings since its launch at the end of March this year.

The European Union has proven its willingness to operate in a transparent manner and strictly within the parameters of Security Council Resolutions. It will be present where it is most needed thus ensuring that efforts to implement the arms embargo remain balanced and effective.

Mr. President, the strict implementation of the arms embargo is of utmost importance to create the much needed space to bring about a political solution to a conflict that cannot be resolved by military means. With this resolution the Security Council has placed a tool in the hands of the international community to contribute. It is not a resolution simply tailored for the EU, but addressed to the international community as a whole. We therefore welcome the commitment displayed by neighboring states and other regional organizations to remain continuously involved, which is reflected in the current text of Resolution 2526, alongside a reference to Resolution 2510 as a reminder of the pledges made during the Berlin Conference.

For other actors to come forward and add to the efforts of Operation Irini, predictability of Security Council actions will be crucial. It is a complex operation, involving financial, logistic and planning efforts from several European Union Member States.  Therefore we are grateful for the support of Council Members for a 12 months renewal as in previous years.

In closing, Mr. President, I would like to thank the EU for their continued willingness to brief this Council on its operations. As new penholder we are also grateful to former pen-holder UK and the Council Members for their ongoing Support.


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