Remarks by Ambassador Jürgen Schulz during the Security Council Meeting on UNMISS- March 12, 2020

12.03.2020 - Speech

Check Against Delivery

Germany welcomes the unanimous adoption of the resolution.

UNMISS remains indispensable for supporting South Sudan and its people. I pay tribute to SRSG Shearer and the brave peacekeepers who do their utmost to assist the people to South Sudan in their quest for durable peace. The German parliament has just today voted in favor of a continuation of our military contribution to UNMISS for another year unchanged in numbers and capabilities. Germany will continue to stand by the people of South Sudan.

We reiterate our call on the South Sudanese parties to fully adhere to the letter and spirit of the Revitalized Peace Agreement and encourage them to implement outstanding critical tasks as stipulated by the Agreement so that the people of South Sudan can finally profit from the benefits of durable peace.

One point I want to highlight in particular: While we are pleased to see a reference in the text regarding the adverse effects of extreme weather events on the stability of South Sudan, we are disappointed that a reference to security implications of the effects of climate change was not included – despite overwhelming support for our proposal from the majority of members of this Council.

In his last briefing to the Security Council, SRSG Shearer clearly linked the effects of the unprecedented floods in certain areas of the country to a spike in intercommunal violence in precisely those areas! Climate change and its related extreme weather events start affecting yet another conflict on the Council’s agenda.

The Security Council has since at least 2011 repeatedly expressed its concern that effects of climate change may aggravate existing threats to international peace and security and underlined the importance of conflict analysis and contextual information, including on security implications of climate change in relevant situations. 

As Security Council we need to look closer with a view to include the effects of climate change into our overall assessment and decision-making. To do so, we need a proper information basis, including a substantial risk assessment. By including a reference to climate change in the language of the resolution, we wanted to encourage appropriate observation and analysis for the future, which will enable all actors, and in particular the Security Council, to better address this underlying cause of conflict.

Turning a blind eye will not make a threat multiplier like climate change disappear. Disregarding it and assessing the country situation selectively jeopardizes the effectiveness of the Council’s work. 


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