Remarks by Ambassador Jürgen Schulz in the Intergovernmental Negotiations on Security Council Reform - March 4, 2020

04.03.2020 - Speech

Check Against Delivery

Madam Co-Chair,


Germany aligns itself with the statement delivered by Japan on behalf of the G4. Allow me to add some thoughts of my own. I will be brief, as developments since the last session a little more than two weeks ago have been limited.

In this year’s first IGN session, the G4 demonstrated its flexibility in voicing its support for the Common African Position as enshrined in the Ezulwini Consensus and the Sirte Declaration. We also said that we would like to give the IGN yet another chance this year – but that we expect added transparency and better rules of procedure.

To this end the G4 wrote a letter to PGA Bande last week asking for clarification on the modalities for introducing webcasting and record keeping in the forthcoming meetings of the IGN, as is current practice in various GA formats, including informal settings. We believe that these measures would contribute greatly to transparency and accountability, which are absolutely necessary for the IGN to make tangible progress. The G4 requested the PGA Office to seek advice from the Secretariat on whether there would be any specific procedures required for introducing of webcasting to the IGN.

My Japanese colleague already pointed out that our view on regional representation is well known in this forum.

We should not have needed to repeat it again as G4, and I therefore will refrain from repeating it on our national behalf.

Madam Co-Chair,

If you argue that this is a member states driven process, you should heed the wishes of the vast majority of member states and work towards a single document. To support this process, we, as the G4, have started working on a slightly restructured draft outcome document with

attribution, which we can happily submit to you by way of illustration I what direction we could see this going. This is only an example – food for thought, so to speak - we stand ready for further discussions and input from all groups and member states gathered here today, based on this idea.

Again we emphasize our openness for using this year’s IGN to finally breaking the vicious circle of no-progress. We are open to additional meetings and we hope for flexibility when it comes to the timetable.

Let me conclude and summarize: firstly, we need an IGN webcast to guarantee the transparency and accountability of the process. We hope to seek clarification the PGA Office very soon in order to make progress in this regard. Secondly, we emphasize our call for a normalized IGN process. Thirdly, we call for a single text with attribution to be rolled over this year.

We do not want to maintain in the status quo until the 80th anniversary of the UN as our South African colleague has aptly pointed out in the last session but finally move forward. We count on you, co-chairs, to honor your responsibility to make that possible. Germany will support you in that endeavor. Thank you!

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