Remarks to the press by Ambassador Christoph Heusgen following the meeting of the 1718 Committee - February 19, 2020

19.02.2020 - Speech

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As I said before, the committee met on the final report of the panel of experts. And you can see from the length of the debate session that there was a long debate intensive debate on the reported. I can say that the reported violations of the sanctions by DPRK is of great concern for security in the region. We will continue the discussion of the report. The Security Council has requested that the report goes to the Security Council on the 6th of March.

Question: Did someone object to the content? 

Answer: There was an intense debate about the findings and also a very substantial and comprehensive presentation of the findings by the panel of experts.

Question: Was there anything discussed today that was not in the summary that was circulated last week?

Answer: I'm not aware that a summary was circulated. The report is confidential. The subject of the matter was the report as it was published. 

Question: How confident are you that it will be published on time?

Answer: We'll see. I mean, these are the normal procedures and design decisions that are being taken, but the DPRK sanctions are the most complex ones, but also the most intensive ones. At the same time, the challenge to international peace and security posed by the DPRK nuclear program is also the greatest one that we are facing. OK. Thank you.

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