Stake-out of EU6 UNSC – Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, United Kingdom and Estonia after UNSC meeting

08.10.2019 - Speech

The Security Council just discussed under AOB the test of a ballistic missile conducted by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on October 2nd, which it claimed to be a submarine-launched ballistic missile. France, Germany and the United Kingdom requested this meeting because of our deep collective concern about this launch. It follows a series of short-range ballistic missile launches in the past weeks. We reiterate our condemnation of these provocative actions: they undermine regional security and stability and they are in clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions.

We therefore welcome the productive discussion that we had today. It is vital that the Security Council upholds its resolutions. International sanctions must remain in place and be fully and strictly enforced. The decisions of the Security Council are clear: the DPRK is under the obligation to abandon its programs for the development of weapons of mass destruction and of ballistic missiles in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner.

We urge the DPRK to engage in good faith in meaningful negotiations with the United States, and to take concrete steps with a view to abandoning all weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner. There is no other way to achieve security and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in the region.

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