Security Council Committee on Libya Receives Briefing from UNSMIL, Discusses Interim Report of Panel of Experts

12.06.2019 - Press release

On 31 May 2019, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1970 (2011) concerning Libya held its third informal consultations of the year.

The Committee received a briefing from the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Political Affairs in Libya, UNSMIL, Stephanie T. Williams, on issues relevant to the work of the Committee, mainly regarding alleged transfers of arms and related materiel to Libya since 4 April 2019, comprising possible breaches of the arms embargo.  This was followed by an exchange of views between Ms. Williams, members of the Committee, and the Panel of Experts.

Thereafter, the Committee heard a presentation by the Coordinator of the Panel of Experts on the Panel’s interim report pursuant to paragraph 15 of resolution 2441 (2018), as well as information gathered by the Panel since the submission of the interim report to the Committee on 2 May 2019.  The presentation focused, inter alia, on recent developments in the ongoing conflict in Libya; acts that met the sanctions designation criteria; the implementation of the arms embargo, including transfers of arms and related materiel to Libya in non-compliance with the arms embargo; issues related to the prevention of illicit exports of crude oil and refined petroleum products from Libya; and the implementation of the assets freeze and the travel ban.

The Committee reiterated the importance to regularly address and monitor the implementation of sanctions.

The presentation was followed by an interactive discussion between Committee members and the Panel of Experts.  Thereafter, Committee members discussed the recommendations contained in the Panel’s interim report.

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