1970 Committee Chair’s thirty-third report on Libya Sanctions, delivered by Amb. Schulz

20.03.2019 - Speech
  1. In accordance with paragraph 24 (e) of Security Council resolution 1970 (2011) of 26 February 2011, I have the honor to report to the Security Council on the work of the Committee established by the same resolution. The report covers the period from 19 January 2019 to 20 March 2019.
  2. I would like to highlight the following developments relating to the work of the Committee.
  3. Following the adoption of resolution 2441 (2018), the Secretary-General on 2 January 2019 appointed six individuals to serve on the Panel. On 8 February 2019, the Committee held informal consultations and heard a briefing by the Coordinator of the Panel of Experts on the Panel’s work programme under resolution 2441 (2018). The Panel briefed on its intended areas of focus in their mandate, mainly the arms embargo, armed groups and attempts at illicit exports of petroleum, and the assets freeze. The presentation was followed by an interactive discussion between Committee members and the Panel. The Committee reiterated its support and appreciation for the work of the Panel and encouraged the Panel to intensify efforts to assist the Committee in carrying out its mandate.
  4. Mr. President, during the reporting period, the Committee approved one request for exemption from the arms embargo, under paragraph 9(c) of resolution 1970 (2011), submitted by Malta. The Committee further received, and did not object to two notifications for exemption from the arms embargo, under paragraph 13(b) of resolution 2009 (2011) submitted by UNSMIL. The Committee also received one post-delivery notification from the Kingdom of the Netherlands regarding a previously approved exemption request. Consideration of four additional requests, submitted by Libya under paragraph 8 of resolution 2174 (2014), is ongoing. The Committee is also considering a guidance request from UNSMIL related to the arms embargo.
  5. Regarding the assets freeze, the Committee provided guidance to Lebanon regarding the implementation of the relevant provisions.
  6. With respect to the travel ban, the Committee approved one travel ban exemption request pursuant to paragraph 16(a) of resolution 1970 (2011) for Ms. Aisha Qadhafi. The Committee further approved one travel ban exemption extension for Mr. Sayyid Mohammed Qadhaf Al-Dam. The Committee also received preliminary information from the Panel about a possible case of non-compliance with the travel ban by a designated individual who reportedly travelled from Libya to Egypt through Tunisia.
  7. Mr. President, during the reporting period, the Committee also responded to a prior communication from Libya regarding attempts of illicit exports of petroleum from Libya.
  8. With respect to the 1970 Sanctions List, the Committee sought additional identifying information from Libya regarding one designated individual.
  9. During the reporting period, the Committee received one implementation report from the Kingdom of Morocco pursuant to paragraph 12 of resolution 2441 (2018).
  10. While recalling that the primary responsibility for implementing the provisions of the sanction regime rests with Member States, let me reassure you that the Committee is committed to facilitating the implementation of these measures.
  11. Mr. President, finally I would like to recall my intention to proactively work towards organizing a visit of the Committee to all agreed areas of Libya as mentioned in the Committee’s 2018 Annual Report.
  12. Thank you.
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