Statement by Germany in the General Assembly on agenda item 77 “Report of the International Criminal Court”, 10 November

10.11.2021 - Speech

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Mr President,

Germany fully aligns itself with the statement made by the European Union and would like to add some comments in our national capacity.

Germany shares the view that the International Criminal Court, although still a relatively young institution, is an integral part of today’s international legal order. With its unique independence and impartiality, the ICC is established on a solid foundation.

The Court is highly esteemed by the international community for its clear determination to ensure justice and fight impunity. International crimes must not go unpunished, and the perpetrators must be held accountable.

Against this background, Germany expresses its full support for

  • the new President of the Assembly of States Parties, Ms. Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi, and
  • the new Prosecutor Mr. Karim Khan.

Similarly, we reaffirm our enduring support for the ICC as a whole. We remain convinced that outside interference or pressure has no place in the independent work of the Court.

Mr President,

Almost 20 years after the ICC effectively came into operation, there is still ample reason to remain modest in our outlook: The Court’s scope is still not universal – and perpetrators of atrocity crimes continue to shirk responsibility, submit to investigation and stand trial.

Germany is the second largest contributor to the ICC’s budget and many other States provide substantial contributions. Nevertheless, the Court is facing financial challenges. Considering the Court’s critical role in providing a forum for victims to air their grievances and seek redress, it is important to secure additional voluntary contributions to the Trust Fund for Victims. Sources of reliable financial support are essential to allow the Court to fulfill its important mandate.

This mandate can only be achieved collectively by the Court, States Parties as well as civil society. Our contributions must safeguard the judicial independence of the Court and the integrity of the Rome Statute.

Mr President,

We are of the view that the Court also merits the full political support, cooperation and assistance of States. The Court’s mission and the United Nations’ mandate politically complement each other’s pursuit to achieve a rules-based global order and end impunity.

Germany will remain committed to improving the Court and its mechanisms. This includes supporting the ongoing review process, so that the Court and States Parties may act upon the resulting recommendations in order to become even more effective and efficient. 

Let us move forward together towards this goal.

Thank you.


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