Video message by Svenja Schulze, Federal Minister of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, in the High-Level Event “Delivering Climate Action”, October 26

26.10.2021 - Speech




Ladies and gentlemen,

With the Paris Agreement, the international community made a promise: We will no longer tolerate climate change destroying the foundations of our lives – through floods, droughts, forest fires and storms. We will do everything in our power to keep the 1.5 degree limit on global warming within reach.

This promise was given six years ago. A lot has happened since:

  • around the world, climate-friendly solutions are becoming established: solar and wind power, electric cars, green steel and hydrogen.
  • This enabled many of us to put forward more ambitious NDCs. Including Germany and the European Union. Paris is having an impact: we are gradually becoming more and more ambitious.

Nevertheless, global greenhouse gas emissions are increasing dramatically.

In Glasgow, we want to breathe new life into the promise of Paris.

I will travel to Glasgow with three goals:

1. I want us to jointly become more ambitious.

Our current plans will limit global warming to well below 3 degrees Celsius. Changing course to well below 2 degrees, better still to 1.5 degrees, won’t be easy and it will require more countries to raise ambition on their NDCs. I believe that the G20 has a particular obligation in this respect.

More ambition also requires more clarity in the long-term. Germany will achieve net zero in 2045. Each country should set out its own path to achieving climate neutrality. The same applies to adaptation strategies and the resulting need for specific support measures.

2. I want us to achieve greater solidarity.

An important element of the Paris Agreement is the pledge to mobilise 100 billion USD every year for climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing countries. However, funding still falls far short of that figure! This is why Germany has doubled its climate finance – and we hope that many will follow suit.

3. I also want us to be more specific.

For Glasgow to succeed, we need to reach agreement on the Paris rulebook, for example on internationally transferred mitigation outcomes, transparency in reporting and common time frames for future climate targets.

In Paris, we achieved what many deemed impossible. I am confident that together we will be able to raise our ambition, achieve greater solidarity and reach agreement on more specific rules.

Thank you.

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