Statement by Ambassador Christoph Heusgen in the Intergovernmental Negotiations on Security Council Reform, April 20

21.04.2021 - Speech

Check Against Delivery

Madams Co-Chairs,

We followed the interventions yesterday and this morning. It was surprising and overwhelming that the vast majority in this chamber asked the co-chairs to present a single consolidated text that can serve as the basis for further negotiations. I would like to commend in particular the 54 countries represented here by the spokesperson of the African Group who called for a consolidated text. We have heard this call also from L.69, CARICOM, the Nordic Group, Benelux, the Baltic countries, and the G4. Earlier this morning, there were 10 more speakers, 9 of which asked for a single consolidated text.

Co-chairs, we are hoping for you to present such a paper in the coming days and schedule meetings in which we can discuss it. This is the response to your first question on how to address the discussions that were held yesterday and this morning. Your second question was how to accommodate the others. Who are the others? These are our friends from the Uniting for Consensus Group (UfC). We have heard the elaborate presentation of the UfC position on the different clusters, on the question of veto and the question of more permanent or non-permanent seats, and their proposals on the semi-permanent seats.

I read in the press this morning that the Pakistani ambassador asked for more flexibility. I think we are flexible, everybody on the floor here is flexible. If these very elaborate positions of the UfC are actually put to the test, negotiated and incorporated in the paper presented by the Co-Chairs, we can actually work together. We are very happy to work closely with the UfC. We know that you now have an official observer, China. We would all be happy to be an observer in your group so that we can arrive at what you are asking for: being united for consensus. We have a consensus on the request that the Co-Chairs put out a single consolidated text. We are looking forward to the presentation of this text in the near future.

Thank you very much.

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