Statement by Ambassador Christoph Heusgen in the Security Council VTC Meeting on UNAMA, March 23

24.03.2021 - Speech

Written Statement

The security situation in Afghanistan remains of great concern. We condemn the high level of violence, especially against women, and the targeted assassinations of civilians over the last weeks and months. We concur with the recent press statement of the Security Council and speak out against these heinous acts. And we underline the call for an end to targeted attacks.

The Afghanistan Peace Negotiations in Doha have shown progress, but certainly more momentum is needed. The aim and ambition must be to achieve a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire as soon as possible, as well as an inclusive political settlement to end the conflict in Afghanistan. We call upon all parties involved, especially the Taliban, to engage in meaningful negotiations and to contribute to their outcome, including by taking confidence-building measures, such as an obligation to an immediate reduction in violence.

Recent initiatives have provided new impetus to the peace process. We welcome that the United Nations have committed to playing a greater role in this process and that countries from the region and key international partners are being involved. The statement from the meeting of the extended “Troika” in Moscow – referencing UN Security Council resolution 2513 – was certainly a welcome step.

For a sustainable solution to the conflict it is important that Afghans, including women, sense ownership of the process. We urge a close coordination with the Peace Negotiations in Doha, which so far remain the major avenue to come to a peace agreement with the Taliban. We also urge to ensure the full, equal and meaningful participation of women at all levels and all stages of the peace process, in line with UN Security Council resolution 1325 and all relevant resolutions addressing the Women, Peace and Security agenda. Also, regional and international consensus needs to be inclusive and robust. Such a consensus must involve all main stakeholders required to ensure long-term peace, stability and development in Afghanistan. Germany remains prepared to assist on this path. We stand ready to continue our support.

We thank the government of Qatar for their tireless and continued efforts. Likewise, we welcome the initiative of Turkey to host a “leadership conference” in close coordination with the United Nations, Qatar and many other actors, including Germany.

The United Nations are key to achieve stability and to boost development in Afghanistan. We have constantly called for an active role of the United Nations in the peace process and now welcome the appointment of Jean Arnault as Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary General on Afghanistan and Regional Issues. We will support him and his team in the weeks and months ahead. We will continue to support the Special Representative of the Secretary General Deborah Lyons in her commendable efforts to steer UNAMA. At this occasion we repeat our offer to support the mission with experienced personnel.


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