Statement by Ambassador Günter Sautter in the Security Council VTC consultations on UNSMIL, December 15

15.12.2020 - Speech

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My first point is on the ceasefire declaration and the 5+5 talks. What has been achieved over the last couple of weeks is quite incredible. We have a ceasefire that is holding and we are seeing lots of progress on the political talks. Now, international support is crucial. We feel that the agreement that we subscribed to in Berlin earlier this year is still more than relevant. Berlin continues to be the only game in town. It is now important to do all that we can as the international community, as the Security Council, in order to promote the success that acting SRSG Stephanie Williams and the Libyan partners are making.

This implies three things. First of all, we need to give a clear political backing and endorsement of the ceasefire agreement and the political process here in the Security Council, making clear that there can only be a political solution. Secondly, we must fully respect the conditions of the ceasefire agreement. This implies, in particular, the immediate and complete withdrawal of all foreign troops, fighters and mercenaries. I would like to echo the plea that we expect all members of this Council, including the Russian Federation, not only to demand this of other partners, but also to serve as examples. The third point is that we have to be very strongly focused on possible spoilers of the process. There are many vested interests here. We need to actively encourage everybody to finally endorse and implement the Intra-Libyan agreement. This needs to be a firm political message from the Security Council.  We also need to make clear that if need be, we are ready to take concrete measures.

My next remark is on the role of UNSMIL and the implementation of the ceasefire. Stephanie [Williams – acting SRSG], thank you very much for updating us on your thinking about the implementation of the ceasefire agreement and the ideas on the development of the UN-led and Libyan-owned ceasefire monitoring mechanism (LCMM ). We believe that effective monitoring will be absolutely crucial. It is good that you will integrate the views of the 5+5 Commission to reflect the requirements that are stipulated in the ceasefire agreement itself.

It is now important to keep up the positive momentum. This also means that we must keep the timing in mind. We need a timely plan of action now in order to make sure that the timeframes and deadlines set within the ceasefire agreement are respected in this context. We are really grateful, Stephanie [Williams – SRSG], for you regularly updating us.

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