Statement by Ambassador Christoph Heusgen in the UN Security Council Meeting on MINUSMA, October 8, 2020

09.10.2020 - Speech

Check Against Delivery

I think it's good that we are back in the Security Council chamber and able to see and talk to each other, so thank you very much for your initiative, Mr. President.

On Mali, let me first thank ECOWAS and our colleague from Niger for what ECOWAS has done in terms of engagement and mediation. Also, let me welcome the transition arrangements. What is important, as colleagues have said before, is that these arrangements now need to be implemented, both in terms of timelines, and in terms of civilian leadership. This transition offers a fresh start for Mali. We all sincerely hope that the new authorities don't let down their population.

SRSG Annadif said very clearly what the basis was for what has happened: the population's loss of trust in the political actors and institutions. It is key that the new leadership regains that trust. The Estonian Ambassador just said it is very important that the new leaders address the grievances of the people. The key for this is an inclusive government. Just as my Belgian colleague and others have said, it is really a bad start that during the month of the 20th anniversary of Beijing and Resolution 1325, there are 21 men and 4 women in leadership positions in Mali. Why don't leaders understand that, to get to an inclusive government, you need a fair amount of women in these roles. So please report back how important it is to have an inclusive government. This means that the transitional leaders have a discussion with civil society, women's organizations, youth, artists, and people from all levels of society.

On the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement, there is a clear roadmap and we need it to be implemented. It is also key that security sector reform as well as justice sector reform continue. Impunity is not an option. If you want to get regain the trust of the people, those who have committed crimes have to be made accountable. Otherwise it will not work.

I want to reconfirm to the Ambassador of Mali the German commitment to your country. We are a major troop contributor. We very much appreciate the cooperation that we have also among European Union partners, and we stand by our engagement and promote political dialogue.

We are ready to provide a stronger engagement with regard to police officers. We will also remain engaged through humanitarian assistance, development cooperation, and stabilisation mechanisms. Germany will stand by your side. We know how difficult the situation is. Climate change has repercussions which make this work even more difficult. But please don't let down your people.


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