UNSC Press Elements on Yemen

18.08.2020 - Press release

On 18 August, UN Special Envoy Griffiths, General Guha, and Assistant Secretary General a.i. Ramesh Rajasingham, briefed the Security Council about their plans to make urgent progress towards the UN’s peace proposals and in tackling the international funding crisis, which is severely limiting the humanitarian response.

The Council emphasised their steadfast support for Griffiths and called on the parties to urgently endorse the UN’s proposals to achieve sustainable peace as set out in relevant United Nations resolutions, including resolution 2216 (2015), as well as by the Gulf Cooperation Council initiative and its implementation mechanism and the outcome of the National Dialogue Conference. They welcomed the announcement on 28 July of renewed implementation of the Riyadh Agreement, mediated by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which will be a necessary step towards a sustainable peace and welcomed the efforts of Saudi Arabia in this regard.

The members of the Security Council expressed their deep concern at the funding shortfall, which exacerbates the acute malnutrition in Yemen, and called on all donors, including in the region, to step-up pledges and swiftly disburse funding to the UN, and save lives. The Council called all parties to cease hostilities, in particular in Marib, to prevent a further exacerbation of the dire humanitarian situation.

The members of the Security Council also reiterated that all parties must respect their obligations under international humanitarian law, in particular their obligations with respect to the protection of civilians and civilian objects, and the protection of humanitarian and health personnel and their facilities.

The members of the Security Council reiterated their deep alarm at the growing risk that the SAFER oil tanker could rupture or explode. They noted that it has now been over a month since the Houthi announcement approving UN access to the SAFER oil tanker and called for concrete action by the Houthis without further delay, including granting entry permits, providing a safe travel route to the tanker, and all other logistical arrangements, in order to facilitate unconditional access for United Nations technical experts to assess the tanker’s condition, conduct any possible urgent repairs, and make recommendations for a potentially necessary and safe extraction of the oil, ensuring close cooperation with the United Nations. The members of the Security Council reaffirmed their strong commitment to the unity, sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Yemen.


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