Explanation of Vote by Ambassador Günter Sautter on the (Iran) Non-proliferation Resolution, August 14, 2020

14.08.2020 - Speech

Germany remains committed to fully implementing Security Council resolution 2231, which endorses the JCPoA. Together with France and the United Kingdom, we have been working hard to preserve the JCPoA despite the challenges caused by the US withdrawal from the JCPoA in May 2018 and Iran’s systematic non-compliance with key JCPoA commitments since July 2019 – and we will continue our efforts. We remain committed to the preservation of the JCPoA and urge Iran to reverse all measures inconsistent with the agreement and return to full compliance without delay.

At the same time, we are deeply concerned about Iran’s conduct in the region. Since resolution 2231 was adopted, Iran has repeatedly violated the provisions of the Security Council’s conventional arms restrictions, including through the transfer of weapons to Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, including to non-state actors. We therefore share the concerns expressed by a number of Council Members about the scheduled expiry of the UNSC’s conventional arms restrictions on Iran this October.  E3 Foreign Ministers have been clear that the expiry of these restrictions would have implications for regional security and stability.  

However, Germany abstained on this resolution because it does not enable us to effectively address the risks identified above and to improve security and stability in the region. It was clear that the draft would fall short of attracting the support of the Security Council. We rather believe that more time and more consultations are needed to seek a path forward that could provide adequate answers to the challenges arising from the arms embargo expiry and that would be acceptable to all UNSC member states.

We have been engaging with Council members in this sense and have discussed a number of possible ways forward. We are ready to continue these discussions in order to find a pragmatic way forward, which addresses our collective concerns. In this regard, we are guided by the objectives of upholding the authority and integrity of the UN Security Council, working towards regional security and stability and preserving the JCPoA as a cornerstone of regional security and the global non-proliferation Regime.

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