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E8 Joint statement on Kosovo

17.12.2018 - Pressemitteilung

1.      We, as the European Union members of the Council, would like to underline that a comprehensive and legally binding normalization agreement is crucial so that Serbia and Kosovo can advance on their respective European paths.

2.       The initiation of the process of transition of the Kosovo Security Force is Kosovo’s sovereign right.

3.      We take note of its commitment to gradually transform its security force, in close coordination with NATO and its partners.

4.      We call on the Kosovo authorities to make the transition of the Kosovo Security Force in the next 10 years a transparent and inclusive process associating all communities and to avoid any detrimental impact to the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

5.      We also stress the need to maintain the existing arrangements with KFOR regarding the deployment of the Kosovo Security Force in the north of the country.

6.       Almost two decades after the adoption of resolution 1244 and ten years after Kosovo’s declaration of independence, Belgrade and Pristina still have to agree on many aspects of their future relationship within the framework of a comprehensive normalization agreement. 

7.      We call on both sides to take steps to exercise restraint and to lower the tensions and create the conditions to resume as soon as possible their dialogue facilitated by the EU High Representative.

8.      A binding agreement addressing all issues should remain the key priority.

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