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Statement by Ambassador Schulz at the meeting of the Peacebuilding Commission with the UN Secretary-General  – 7 September 2018

07.09.2018 - Pressemitteilung

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  • Appreciate this opportunity to exchange views with you on the status of your recommendations and options contained in your 2018 Report on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace. Clearly shows your commitment to closely work together with the PBC. Also shows the PBC’s dedication to strongly support you in your agenda. Political will and support for the reforms as well as your recommendations have been consistent. Now interested in your assessment of the status of implementation (for instance on the Resident Coordinators system) and current shortcomings. 
  • Reiterate that we see the reform process as a system wide agenda and not limited to certain pillars. For us, the cross-cutting understanding of sustaining peace as a concept is key to the reform. Peacebuilding and prevention need political leadership and political guidance. All instruments of the UN should follow one coherent political strategy.  
  • We feel that minimizing competition amongst Secretariat and UN Agencies will be a crucial aspect for stabilization and crisis prevention on the ground. In that regard, Germany appreciates the instrument of Peace and Development Advisors as an additional tool for the Resident Coordinator system to fulfill their political and preventive mandate. 
  • Would also be interested to hear your view on where the PBC might be more helpful in advancing the reform agenda. PBC has the potential to bridge development and security issues, but it is important to make PBC more operational and to strengthen the PBC’s advisory function to and cooperation with the Security Council. 
  • Transition phases are of particular importance, also for the PBC. Important however, that PBC can leverage financial support for peacebuilding as well, and that work of the PBC complements and supports mandates of missions on the ground. We noted with interest your suggestion of mapping more systematically UN Country Teams’ capacities to manage transitions from peacekeeping to peacebuilding. 
  • Germany has, as you know, developed a strategic focus on crisis prevention and stabilization. We have strengthened our crisis management instruments of mediation, stabilization and peacebuilding. We remain committed to working with you in these fields.
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