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Statement by Ambassador Dr. Christoph Heusgen in the General Assembly under item 122 “Question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and other matters related to the Security Council”

07.11.2017 - Pressemitteilung

Thank you, Mr President,

Germany aligns itself with the statement delivered by Japan on behalf of the G4.
Allow me to add a few remarks.

In Germany, we have a saying which goes: “Mühsam ernährt sich das Eichhörnchen”.

Literally translated, it means: “The squirrel feeds itself – slowly, but surely”.

You might rightfully be asking: What is he trying to say? What does a squirrel have to do with reforming the Security Council of the United Nations?

Well, what this means is, first and foremost, that a squirrel will not give up – it will persevere, and it will succeed in gathering everything it needs in time for winter.

Not unlike a squirrel collecting acorn by acorn, and nut by nut, the Member States of the United Nations have, over the years, collected all the elements for a comprehensive reform of the Security Council.

The pieces of the puzzle are all there – however, to achieve progress we now have to find the courage to rearrange the pieces and assemble the puzzle.

In order to be able do this we need a concise negotiating text that will allow us to finally start concrete, result-oriented negotiations.

Let me be very honest:
We all know that there are differing positions in this august hall when it comes to the reform of the Security Council.

But in my mind, this is in an argument in favour of embarking on concrete negotiations – and not against it.

Because it is in the framework of negotiations that we will able to narrow down the differences – and maybe eventually bridge them.

As startling 85% of member states have requested such text-based negotiations. We have just heard this again from many colleagues. And we have also heard from the Permanent Representative of Spain that the UfC is the most flexible group.

So we should not lose any more time.

And why?

Because it matters.

Because it matters that we finally make progress.
It matters how this central organ for international peace and security is composed.

It matters whether this important body reflects the realities of the 21st century.

It matters – to ensure its future authority and relevance of its decisions.

It matters – to be able to face current global challenges of peace and security.

It matters – for our international order and for a strong United Nations at its core. Because we need strong, legitimate United Nations that can help us restore confidence in global governance and cooperation.

We very much look forward to working together with all of you, with the new co-Chairs of the Intergovernmental Negotiations, Ambassador Kaha Imnadze and Ambassador Lana Zaki Nusseibeh, whom I would like to warmly congratulate - and with the President of the General Assembly.

And I would like to complement the President of the General Assembly on his strong resolution to answer the calls for change. I would like to underline what the President said this morning: “It is time for action!”

Let’s bring nuts and acorns together, survive winter and ultimately see a luminous spring bringing us closer to Security Council reform!

Thank you.

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